How to get to another place | rwet final

How to get to another place is a computer generating poem project based on word2vec(with gensim), t-sne and astar path finding algorithm. In my case, as a graduating second year student, I specifically chose the words happy summer, which instructs it to find a way from happy to summer. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Here is one example success path … [Read more]

waterFalse_process_documentation | NIME

waterFalse A re-imagination and combination of ancient Chinese chime and Fou (缶, a percussion instrument). With real-time natural spinning water sound, it also generates computer synth sound. It uses water simulation computer visual projecting on interactive fog screen, combining with reactive lighting. The name waterFalse is coming from an ancient Chinese instrument called Fou, which has the same pronunciation of  the … [Read more]

Design For Live Performances Final

We will need to use two bathrooms on the ITP floor. And expected rooms will be either Room 15 or Room 50.   List of things we need from the ER GYROSCOPE (FAKE) @Room 50 or Room 15 – directional speakers (ultrasonic speakers? do we have in the ER?) BATHROOM (MAIN INTERACTION) @restrooms close to … [Read more]

WaterFalse | NIME Concept and Timeline

WaterFalse is my idea for the NIME final. It has two parts, one is the top, which is several tanks of water which has mist makers in side of them and generate mist, and do projection on the mist, as the visual effect. The down part is the main part, which is composed by 7 … [Read more]