Army | Readymades w3

This week assignment is Find a pre-existing object and give it a personality using only sound as an output.

As I was walking on the road, I heard clearly the steps sound from the shoes of surrounding people. I suddenly found it interesting because all of this people are hurried to the same destination, subway station, but they don’t know each other, they came from all the different positions of the society, they all wear different shoes. These shoes make different sounds, it seems like the sound of the shoes represent the varying identities of their owner. Impressive and confident look of oxford shoes, cheerful and rhythmical of high heels, the kinetic and casual of sneakers… But at the very first beginning, we all came from bare feet.


max patch  |  arduino sketch

components: 6 servos, different shoes from Barbie Fashion Pack, music wire, wood board, acrylic, 9 volt power supply for servos, arduino uno.

I tested out the connecting movement between servo and shoes. It turned out fine, but I found out later that servo is not the right mover for a sound project, because servo itself generate loudy sound.

I use hot glue to fill the shoes and stick music wire to it.

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