Moving Shadow | Fab w5

This week`s project is to use two materials to make one thing. The initial idea I had was to use bamboo and wood veneer to create a projection of wood`s shadow. I had this idea while I was playing with my phone`s flashlight, moving it back and forth and the shadow of the paper frames … [Read more]

Boxes | Fab w2

Planning before doing is really important. This line is what I have learnt from this project for now. Because I planed for like 3 hrs but it did save me a lot of time while doing it. At first I planned to make five separated but same part of a box. They could either be … [Read more]

Wood box flashlight | fab w1

The assignment for our first class is to build a flashlight that is both portable and able to light up. Here is what I got in the end.   The following is my documentation for the process. At first, I welded the switch with a LED light bulb and connected them to a 3 volts … [Read more]