Design For Live Performances Final

We will need to use two bathrooms on the ITP floor. And expected rooms will be either Room 15 or Room 50.   List of things we need from the ER GYROSCOPE (FAKE) @Room 50 or Room 15 – directional speakers (ultrasonic speakers? do we have in the ER?) BATHROOM (MAIN INTERACTION) @restrooms close to … [Read more]

Artist Hans Haacke | AS w4

Wikipedia says so, This group was held together with common motivations: the longing to re-harmonize man and nature and to restore art’s metaphysical dimension. When it is talking about Hans was a member of a group called Zero at that time. I pretty much like the group’s description, cuz I also like to do work … [Read more]

Instructions | w3

My instructions Instructions Place your self in a plank position Put a white letter paper in front of your face Put your smart phone on the paper, screen side towards you, and start recording selfie video Clamp a sharpie with your mouth Write down on the paper how do you feel right now until you … [Read more]

Reading response -Intro to modern art | w1

After reading the first three chapters of Introduction to modern art, I feel more organized in my understanding towards different art forms in different eras. And it seems to start answering some of the unconscious  questions that I had before. There are three arts from this book that made me really read over their description and critics … [Read more]