Just like culture shock, there is no solution to relief the pain from it. And at the meantime, we shall remain as stickers to our own culture. To make a diverse culture of world.


Our idea comes from our daily cooking experience. When we cook some Chinese food, it will trigger the smoke alarm in our apartment for most of the time, which is a culture shock for some of the Chinese students.

The most common methods for Chinese food are stir-frying, deep-frying, and shallow-frying. It is really easy to make some smoke during the cooking process. However, smoke alarms in US automatically trigger even when they detect small amount of smoke. They make a very loud sound to ensure that everyone can get the alert. We know that smoke alarms are designed for the safety of residents for a possible fire. It is good if they are sensitive enough. But it becomes annoying when it beeps every meal.

For these reasons, we decided to make a readymade, Chopsticker. The difference with Chopsticker is that under the ceasing / activating press button, there are a pair of chopsticks, a symbol of Chinese food. After Chop Sticker triggers, the chopsticks and the button starts doing a up-and-down motion, which will cease the alarm. This means the Chop Sticker will never beep more than 3 seconds. It seems resolve the problem for Chinese. But it becomes a totally useless smoke alarm.

Chopsticker from Yuli Cai on Vimeo.


Collaborating with Xinyao Wang

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