How Are You | Performing User W2

For this week, our task is difficult performance.

Select or create a difficult task to perform. Consider: What makes it difficult? Why are you doing this? What do you hope to learn, do you think it will change you? How will you prepare yourself? Do you think you will be able to complete it? How will you know when it’s done?

My plan for this assignment is to do a silent statement. What I am going to do is to write a statement on a paper and put this piece of paper in front of my cloth, and I act as someone who lose her voice.


The task is when I go to a new place (different cities, countries..), I do a statement, it could be the same statement like How Are You, to see the different reactions from each country. It could also be different statement that varies from different countries. But the statement has to be related to some everyday life thing, that people there are used to it and become no aware of it.

For New York, I pick How Are You as my statement. Because this is the most confusing thing I met when I first came here. People ask each other how are you, and ” I`m good” in response. I felt a little bit shock and did not know how to reply it when the first time I was asked this normal question.  Because at that time, for me, it felt more like, ” Aww, you care how I felt, that is so sweet. “But it turned out that few people really care how are you. In the other hand, I feel that there must be a reason for the how are you things happen, it means maybe a long time ago. People do care each other more than these days.

So I want to throw this question in an unnormal way so that it might raise the awareness of this greetings and make next time more sincere.

But it turns out after I do this, I feel more like I am not asking this question towards the outside world, I am actually asking this question to me. I start to pay attention to the details of life and care my feelings of how other sees me.

Here is the video I took from the goPro hiding in my jacket.

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