I want to.. and you do | rwet w3


These are based on two different source texts but used the same script to generate.

The first one is taking the lyrics of Iron Sky by Paolo Nutini.

The second one is taking interviews that I did with lots of ITP fellows, the content of the interview is their responses (stories, imagery, feelings, etc.) to certain words that was originally from a Chinese poem.


I used random library and textblob to generate it.

#generating the "I want to" part
noun_phrases = blob.noun_phrases
verbs = list()
instruction_num = 10
for word,tag in blob.tags:
    if tag == 'VB':
sample_phrases = random.sample(noun_phrases,instruction_num)
sample_verbs = random.sample(verbs,instruction_num)
for i in range(0,instruction_num):
    print "I want to " + sample_verbs[i]+' '+sample_phrases[i]

And the “You do” part is similar.

Later on I just combine these two snippet together.

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