Moving Shadow | Fab w5

This week`s project is to use two materials to make one thing.

The initial idea I had was to use bamboo and wood veneer to create a projection of wood`s shadow.


I had this idea while I was playing with my phone`s flashlight, moving it back and forth and the shadow of the paper frames in my hand started to move. It gave me a feeling of going into a tunnel, but it is actually projected onto a flat wall. So I started to find a way to mimic this action and make it move automatically.

The first idea came into my mind is to use the servo to control the distance between my light and all the frames. But instead of having the servo rotate, I have to convert it into linear motion, which need more work on mechanism.

Besides, I wanted the frames to sit on a box, so it might stand on itself and appear more like a piece of furniture. I also wanted it to be triggered by human, that if somebody get closer to it, it will sense that and start to move. To do that, I need to mount my ultrasonic sensor onto it. I was thinking about drilling holes on the side of the box. But it was hard because the box is too tall to fit in the space of our drill press.


So I just lean it a little bit and hold it by hand.


Though the hole is not round enough, it still gets its job done.


After that I started to working on the inside layout of it.


I cut out a square of wood to hold the little gear in between and stick my servo in the corner of it.


Then I stick the other part of gear onto a small piece of metal that I found in the junk shelf. 

I do some test to see if the mechanism work.

After I put the cap onto the box, I did another test.


Then I tried so hard to put everything, arduino uno, breadboard, battery into the box.



I changed it to a smaller breadboard later.


But after I put everything into the box. The little mechanism system didn`t work out anymore. Because the gear is stuck by all the wires inside. 🙁

But..move forward.. I use laser cutter to cut wood frames and stick them onto magnet with glue guns.


In the end, I made this little thing without any potential movement.



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