Grandma Cooker | Readymades w5

This 3 weeks long project was, Create a readymade that responds to a physical input with an emotional output. This emotional output could be human, animal, robot or extra terrestrial and take the form of a physical reaction, color, sound or light. The object itself can’t be human or animal form. For me, I make … [Read more]

Army | Readymades w3

This week assignment is Find a pre-existing object and give it a personality using only sound as an output. As I was walking on the road, I heard clearly the steps sound from the shoes of surrounding people. I suddenly found it interesting because all of this people are hurried to the same destination, subway station, … [Read more]

How Are You | Performing User W2

For this week, our task is difficult performance. Select or create a difficult task to perform. Consider: What makes it difficult? Why are you doing this? What do you hope to learn, do you think it will change you? How will you prepare yourself? Do you think you will be able to complete it? How … [Read more]


Just like culture shock, there is no solution to relief the pain from it. And at the meantime, we shall remain as stickers to our own culture. To make a diverse culture of world.       Our idea comes from our daily cooking experience. When we cook some Chinese food, it will trigger the … [Read more]