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Answers to Fuch’s questions from last week’s reading Visit to a Small Planet.


There is one line in Fuch’s description of the world of play is that

Language is only one part of this world. Those who think too exclusively in terms of language find it hard to read plays.

For the play Completeness it is like an answer to that. English is not my first language, but when reading through this play even without all the scene settings I can still sense a world out of it. I guess my answer to this question is; This is a world that reflects the real life. In the place of school,  in a short amount of time, doing projects.. all this components are familiar. And the essence is the forever topic of the human kind, love.



Continue the answer from the last one, since love is always the topic. this play goes more relative to the real social life rather then just vaguely talking about the spirit of love. Shifting in between relationships in a short amount of time. Elliot did it in different social places, in the computer room at school, at his place, at Molly’s place, at lab. The relationship also varies in different characters. Professor and student, refers to love and authority, personal life and school life. Students from the same department, students from the same department but one from grad school and one from undergrad. All of these above is a close description of social life.



I feel the thing that changes the most is mood of the main character. It is a growing process for him, but this growth does not go linearly, instead it goes back and forth. He is in a dynamic process of searching for the right feeling and positive source coming from relationship.


IV. DON’T FORGET YOURSELF, What changes in you?

I really won’t forget myself from this play. Because the time I read it, I feel it is talking my recent life. I feel all the emotionally changes in the main characters.  Sometimes I understand their situation and sometimes I feel pissed about what they are doing. Though this kind of resonation might happens to lots of readers since the play should be a small planet. But for me, after I read it all, I feel more of  diving into memories, but instead of sorrow from it, more like a relief, it is like, well, this kind of thing that happens to our kinds.


Sentences of the story

One simple sentence

Completeness is a story about a man finding true love.

One complex sentence

Completeness is about a man’s relationship with different women in a short amount of time and trying to find soulfulness through it.

Three to five sentence version of the story

Completeness is about a man leaves his ex girlfriend, who goes to the same department with him in school, thinking of he is better of with someone complementary. When he is with his next girlfriend, she and he merge their knowledge from different field and trying to achieve one goal. He finds it arise his inner potential. But once they get too close with each other, he falls into the same loop he has had with all his exes.

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