Read/Listen for Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Answers to Fuch’s questions 

I. What’s the mood on this planet?

I feel a lot of depressed and at the same time, trying to make a break through. It is like about to be suffocated but you are still struggling hard.

II. What are the language habits on this planet?

It is mostly monologue. But within the monologue, there are actually dialogues. For the questions that Hegwig has for her boyfriend, for the society, for the little town he lives in.

III. WHAT CHANGES? What changes in time? 

Especially in the play of Wig In The Box, when it’s the time at night, Hegwig will wake up as herself and dominate the world in her way. It is exciting but at the same time overpowering desolation. So it is not just the time changes to such a night time, but also the mood of the character changes as the time changes.

IV. What changes in me?

I listened to the album twice as reading through it and watch the play once online. The first time after I finish listening to the album. I felt suffocating, like someone is choking me. I feel angry for Hegwig. And then I listen it again and watch the play, I started to feel the strength coming through the screen towards me. It is something common that if it is a “sad story”, somehow it gives me power. I guess the most impressive thing for me to take from the play is to know myself and turn back to myself which ever situation.

Sentences of the story

One simple sentence

Hedwig and the Angry Inch is about a transgendered woman being herself in this world.

One complex sentence

It is about a man who did a failed transgender surgery suggested by his boyfriend and from then on struggling lives in between two worlds but still stand up and being herself and finding love.

Three to five sentence version of the story

It is about a woman in a man shape who was talked to do a transgender surgery by his American boyfriend, but sadly the surgery failed and left her a half man half woman body. Her boyfriend then left her. Suffering from betray, she still stand up and fight her life out as a rocker singer and be honest with herself.

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