Time and space | Art Strategies w6 SYSTEMS & MAPS

A little bit follow up about our two weeks ago conversation in class about Hans Haacke and Shinji Ohmaki really opened up a new perspective for me to consider art making procedure.At first I was so sure that these two specific art project by them are similar, but now I can see the difference of them, though I still stick to my opinion that I still think they came from the same source, this same source might be mother nature or our sensational feeling towards feeling. Maybe later they deviate towards different direction when they start to consider their art strategies, consider what they want to express through this art piece. But the source which intrigues them might still be similar. But certainly now I can see clearly that there is a big difference between what they want to convey through their piece.

To continue the exploration of this week’s topic of systems and maps, I was thinking about doing something but could not think of  one for a long time. Because honestly I am not that into cut things into pieces and analyse them. And later, it came to my mind that why don’t I analyse myself, like literally analyse myself on a map. And also because these recent years life has changed a lot in the perspective of Time and Space. So I wrote down every city I stopped by, I went in the passed year chronically on a white paper.


This includes the city I stop by, even just landing at the airport.

And later I mapped it out on a real map, started to draw line from the first city to the last one.


I tried to used different stroke thickness for the lines, the earlier the line is the thinner it is, but it doesn’t show up well. I imagine that it could be a representative of  the time fades out in our life. And also, some places, even it has several thin lines at the beginning, because of this place is important to me, I will be there as an intersection a lot of time in a lifetime, the thin lines will add up and become a main connective point.


I think what I got from this little try out from this system&map strategies is that you have to have a clear mind, and lay it out so that you can really see what’s getting present and then maybe based on that do the next iteration.

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